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What You Need to Know

Mining is the method used to generate Digitalcoins. Miners use the processing power of their CPUs(Central Processing Units) or GPUs(Graphical Processing Units) or ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit devices) to secure and process Digitalcoin transactions. Finding a solution to a block rewards the miner who found it so that they have an incentive to process more transactions.

All you need to mine for Digitalcoin is a computer and an Internet connection, but the difficulty level of finding solutions is very high, so specialized equiptment is most commonly used. ASIC devices for SHA256 and Scrypt algorithms GPU's for the X11 algorithm are the most efficient ways to generate Digitalcoin currently.
Pool Mining
A pool is a collective of miners working together to solve blocks and sharing the rewards. This has the effect of lowering the randomness in mining.
To connect to a pool, use any SHA256, Scrypt, or X11 algorithm compatible mining hardware/software and point it at a Digitalcoin pool found below.

SGMiner Example Command Line: sgminer.exe -k darkcoin-mod -I 11 -s 1 -expiry 1 -queue 0 -g 1 -o EXAMPLEPOOL.COM -u username -p worker.password

Pools will often post optimal settings so make sure to check those.