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What are Blocks?

Block explorers allow you to see the network blocks. Blocks are virtual containers that hold transactions and award a reward to the miner who generated the correct hash for that block.

Technical details

- Launched at May 20th, 2013
- No premine, instamine, IPO, ICO etc.
- Algorythm: Scrypt, X11, SHA256
- Proof of work only
- Block Time, sec: 40
- Reward, coins per block: 5
- Reward Info: Rewards grew from 0 to 20, then later reduced to 5
- Halfing reward cycle, blocks: Reward halves every three years
- Total coins: 48,166,000
- Difficulty cycle, blocks: Changes at every block, no more than 40% adjustment down/20% adjustment up
- Difficulty Info: Difficulty started at 0.00024414
- Algorithm Control: If the last three blocks were discovered by the same algorithm, the fourth block will be rejected until its found by one of the other two algorithms. This prevents directed attacks on the network from any single algorithm.
- Default RPCport: 7998
- Default P2Pport: 7999