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You have multiple options when it comes to storing your Digitalcoins. You can either use an online wallet service, download the Digitalcoin wallet software for PC, Mac, or Linux, or use the android mobile wallet. The online wallet is easy to use and does not require any setup, while the software wallet has many more features included but takes a while to sync with the network and may be difficult for beginners to use.

Online Browser Based Wallet
The wallets below are easy to use, hosted on secure servers, and allow you to manage multiple wallets from the same software. These are recommended for beginners or those wanting a quick, easy start. These wallet have everything most people need to send, receive, and store Digitalcoins.

Software Wallets
DigitalCoin has multiple versions of the wallet software to fit different needs.
The standard Digitalcoin software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A Java implementation of the client software is also available for use on all platforms.

Android Mobile Device Wallet
You can find the Digitalcoin Wallet on the Google Play marketplace on any Android device.
If you do not want to download the block chain, you can use a web wallet on your mobile device.

Technical Support
Forward port 7999 in your router firewall and/or software firewalls for more connections or if you have connection issues. If you have any issues, you can get support at the Digitalcoin Forum: